Car salesman confesses tricks to NPR’s Car Guys

Car salesman confesses tricks to NPR’s Car GuysCar salesman William H. Macy in Fargo

I’ve always hated shopping for a car. It’s because of the salespeople, of course, but ironically, it’s not because of the really dishonest, sleazy salespeople.

No, the ones I hate are the "sincere" ones, because I know they’re trying to sell me a car, and I know they’re going to use little tricks to try to "get me" in all these subtle ways, and they may even be nice people, but the truth is, I know lots of the tricks they’re using, and all I’m really trying to do is figure out which car will work for me.

It’s exhausting.

It’s like watching a bad magician perform. I know how they’re doing the tricks, and I smile and pretend to laugh at the corny jokes, and I fake my astonishment in the way the magician wants me to be astonished.

Why? Because I feel bad for him.

I could call him on his badness, and reveal how much I know, and thereby reveal that I’m a jerk. But I don’t want to be a chump or an jerk, and I haven’t found a "middle way" that works for me.

But the guy in this NPR Car Talk interview seems honest, and he explains the little tricks he uses to get the sale.

Salesman talks to CarTalk>>

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