8 rules for puzzling out the puzzles of life

8 rules for puzzling out the puzzles of lifeThe Centipede puzzle is only for determined puzzlers.
I like the Livewire Puzzle tips for solving puzzles, whether you’re born with the ability to solve them, or you’ve trained yourself to solve them. Briefly:

1) Follow the explicit rules. Other rules may be assumptions.
2) If you can’t do it one, way, look for another way.
3) Forget details and see the "big picture."
4) Assume nothing’s what it appears to be.
5) Can you use pieces in an uncommon way?
6) Take a break.
7) Persist.
8) Don’t break it.

They specialize in puzzles "where the goal is to separate two interlocked parts, most often a ring or a handle, from the main body of the puzzle."

LiveWire Puzzles>>

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