The 42-foot-high optical illusion

The 42-foot-high optical illusionHere’s a photograph of a tree.

The 42-foot-high optical illusionAnd here’s what’s really going on. The tree is framed by a huge backdrop.

The 42-foot-high optical illusionHere are people around the backdrop.
South Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee takes photographs of trees with large fabric backgrounds erected behind them, which isolates real trees from their natural environment.

In the first picture, I cropped the photo so the tree is silhouetted against something neutral. When we look at it, we’re deceived because we assume it’s the sky behind the tree.

In the second photo, we see both the tree and the edge of the backdrop, so we can see that the tree is simultaneously part of its setting and made special by being framed within the setting.

The last photo shows the tree with humans standing next to it, so we can see the actual scale of the tree and backdrop.

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