Spit on your money, then give it to me (a 10K psychic con)

Spit on your money, then give it to me (a 10K psychic con)Dane Chan is suing Greenwich Village fortune teller Sylvia Mitchell for theft of $10,000. "She was instructed to tuck nine $100 bills and a prayer list outlining her future goals inside a jar. She was then told to fill the jar halfway with water, spit in it and sleep with her jar under her pillow for a week," and then give the jar to Mitchell.

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3 thoughts on “Spit on your money, then give it to me (a 10K psychic con)

  1. Former Greenwich Village psychic, Sylvia Mitchell, is now wanted by the NYPD for perpetrating a fortunetelling scam in which she is alleged to have defrauded a victim of approximately $28,000. Private Investigator Bob Nygaard, a member of the National Association of Bunco Investigators, who specializes in the investigation of "con-artists", built the criminal case against Mitchell after being hired by the victim, who resides in Southwest Florida. Nygaard conducted an intensive investigation, met with detectives from the NYPD’s sixth squad, provided them with the evidence to obtain an arrest warrant, and the warrant was subsequently obtained.
    Mitchell is believed to have fled to Cannes, France at this time. Anyone who has been also been defrauded by Sylvia Mitchell (AKA "Psychic Zena") or anyone having any information in regards to Mitchell’s whereabouts should contact Private Investigator Bob Nygaard at (212)-514-7474 or (561)-596-3443 AND NYPD sixth precinct Detective Wheeler at (212)-741-4841.

  2. gotta crack down on the bums..some maybe could be "gifted" as they say..but most are just a bunch of bums that talk people that are sick, no job, depressed, out of money…guys take a yoga class next time…

  3. people have to learn to stay clear of these jerks…we have so many free programs offered to single people, people who are sick and need someone to talk to…don’t walk into these psychic traps…

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