Prom prank goes wrong, but no students killed

Prom prank goes wrong, but no students killedCarrie wishes the prom had been canceled.
The most famous prom prank gone horribly wrong is likely from Brian De Palma’s 1976 film Carrie, when the mean kids pour pig blood on the telekinetically-active recluse played by Sissy Spacek. You know their revenge prank is going to come to no good. That’s because the kids don’t follow one of the primary rules of the prank, which is Know Your Victim’s Response. What’s going to happen after you pull your prank? What will the reaction be? In this case, Carrie goes on an uncontrollable killing rampage.

In the case of Fargo North High School, student council members decided to enlist the school administration in an early April Fools joke where it was announced March 31 that the prom, scheduled for April 24th, was canceled. What they got was definitely a bigger reaction than expected. Upset girls surreptitiously texted their parents, who called the school. The joke that was supposed to last five hours was revealed as a prank within the hour.

Senior Emily Beierle: "And then when I found out it was a joke I didn’t think it was funny either because so many people were like crying and really upset."

The lesson?

It might be easy to fool people, but always know this: how will your victims respond? If they respond with hysterical crying during the prank, and then anger afterward, think to yourself – is this what I want to have happen?

Know Your Victim’s Response.

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