Pranksters and Tricksters course by RU Serious

Pranksters and Tricksters course by RU SeriousYour course covers Pranksters and Tricksters. Is there a difference between them?

RU Sirius: There’s a lot of crossover, but yeah, they’re different. For starters, obviously the trickster is a mythological concept or a series of mythological figures and a prankster is a real flesh and blood mortal. Trickster activities generally take place among the gods. Tricksters prank powerful, otherworldly beings while pranksters prank schmucks who think they’re in control.

His course is long over, but here are two of the texts he recommends: 

Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth and Art by Lewis Hyde

Some famous tricksters Hyde illuminates: Hermes, Raven, Coyote, the Yoruba god Eshu, the Norse god Loki, the Chinese Monkey King and India’s Krishna, as well asMarcel Duchamp, Allen Ginsberg, Maxine Hong Kingston, Odysseus… and African-American orator Frederick Douglass.

Pranks 2 by V. Vale, RE/Search Publications

"What are pranks? For us, pranks are any humorous deeds, propaganda, sound bites, visual bites, performances and creative projects which pierce the veil of illusion and tell ‘the truth.’ Pranks unseriously challenge accepted reality and rigid behavioral codes and speech. Pranks deftly undermine phoniness and hypocrisy. Pranks lampoon sanctimoniousness, self-glorification, self-mythologizing and self-aggrandizement. Pranks force the laziest muscle in the body, the imagination, to be exercised, stretched, and thus transcend its former self. The imagination is what creates the future; that which will be."

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