The new $100 bill and a brief history of counterfeiting

The new $100 bill and a brief history of counterfeitingThe new Benjamin, with his 3-D Security Ribbon and a Bell in the Inkwell

"For decades the appearance of the $100 bill remained largely unchanged. In the late 1980s, the so-called supernote made its appearance: highly accurate $100s (and some $50s) that baffled investigators…

Regardless of the source of the supernotes, they prompted the first major overhaul of the paper currency in decades. The first big change came with the introduction of the new $100 bill in 1996, which featured the "large head" design that has since become standard, along with watermarks and color-shifting ink. But the latest version of the $100 unveiled this week takes things to a whole different level."

Article at The Wall Street Journal>>

More on the new $100 bill security features from the U.S. government>>

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