The magic show that’s 33 years old – Le Grand David

The magic show that's 33 years old - Le Grand David
David Bull (Le Grand David) & 

Cesareo Pelaez (Marco the Magic)

"For the cast members of the venerable 33-year-old stage extravaganza called "Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company,’’ the show must go on.

It just has to. Never mind that its creator and leading man, Marco the Magi, at 77, is frail and faltering and watching the show from a wheelchair in the wings. Or that the people leaping in and out of boxes are getting stiffer, the clowns more stooped, the tricks a little older, the audience a little thinner."

Mr. Pelaez passed away March 25, 2012.

OBITUARY: Cesareo Pelaez, teacher; created ‘Le Grand David’ magic show, Boston Globe>>
Read article and watch video at The Boston Globe>>

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