How two Scottish rappers conned the music industry

How two Scottish rappers conned the music industryGavin Bain and Billy Boyd became Silibil’n’Brains.
They only got noticed by record execs when they dropped their Scottish accents for American ones. So they made up a whole American life and fooled everyone. Now they had to actually make a record to become famous, but if they did and it was released, they’d be revealed, and it would all come crashing down.

From an article in the Guardian>>

But the legacy of living a lie has not been easy for Bain, he will readily admit. Now that he’s no longer keeping a secret, he can’t stop wondering what everyone else must be hiding, and has trouble believing a word anyone says. "Once you know how easy it is, you think, why don’t people just lie all the time? Why wouldn’t they? It’s so easy when you do it – and then you get everything you want."

The book about it all, California Schemin’>>

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