He made $38 million seducing and blackmailing wealthy women

He made $38 million seducing and blackmailing wealthy womenSwiss con man Helg Sgarbi

"A former Credit Suisse banker, the 44-year-old Sgarbi used to make his living preying on lonely women of means, seducing them, videotaping them having sex with him, and blackmailing them. That is, until the summer of 2007, when he took on three for-profit affairs simultaneously, including the one with his prize catchSusanne Klatten, the married heiress to the BMW fortune and the richest woman in Germany, worth $12 billionwho became his downfall."

And later we find out about his associate, Ernano Barretta.

"Ernano Barretta had moved to Switzerland to work as a mechanic in the sixties. By the early nineties, he’d remade himself into a sensitivo, claiming he could help with spiritual troubles. (He was once convicted of dealing stolen cars.) As Barretta’s flock grew, so did his mythology, which took on an intensely Christian character. He would appear bearing stigmata and would perform faith healings, receiving in return generous offerings from devotees, allegedly their entire life savings in some cases."

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