The Avenger’s Handbook, and other forms of revenge

The Avenger's Handbook, and other forms of revengeThe movie Revenge of the Creature is not affiliated with any of the revenge sources listed here.

The Avenger’s Handbook is an online book on how to take revenge on your enemies. The following bits from the introduction give an idea of what to expect from the rest of the book:

"The typical lifecycle of a revenge scheme often starts with someone, a person or a member of an organization, doing something wrong to you, or someone close to you. At that moment you, the victim, would most likely be in a state of anger, hate or sadness. At least you should be in a state where you wish to get even at the one, or the ones, who wronged you. The worst thing that could happen at this moment is that you sharpen your swords of vengeance and go on right at it.

Revenge done in haste is such a waste, and the Sicilians did really know what they were talking about when they were saying, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” It is time to sit back, heal your wounds and start plotting your payback. This could take months, and even years, depending on how severe the offense was and how severe the payback should be.

It wouldn’t surprise me if 50% of the avengers who get caught are people who start their mission of vengeance at a time that is too close to the crime. I would also guess that 40% of the ones who get caught, did not act out of a plan. Or they planned it badly without thought or skill. There rest 10% are the ones who simply get unlucky, where the unknown plays a factor that is not calculable."

The Avenger’s Handbook is in the same vein as books such as The Revenge Encyclopedia from Paladin Press, or one of the many titles written by "George Hayduke," such as Don’t Get Mad, Get Even; Getting Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks; or Screw Unto Others: Revenge Tactics For All Occasions.

(George Hayduke is a pseudonym based on the fictional character George Washington Hayduke in Edward Abbey’s novels The Monkey Wrench Gang and Hayduke Lives! For a full list of Hayduke’s books, see this list at Wikipedia>>)

These revenge books are also similar to Abby Hoffman’s Steal This Book and William Powell’s The Anarchist’s Cookbook. (Read what Powell has to say about his book here>>) Reading these books is less about actually following the advice they give, and more about gaining power when you read about how you’re going to get "them."

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