The 39 Steps, over and over again

The 39 Steps, over and over againJohn Buchan’s 1915 adventure spy novel (read the entire book online) has spawned:

  • Alfred Hitchcock’s highly influential 1935 movie, considered by many to be the best adaptation of the book, even if doesn’t always faithfully follow the plot. An innocent man adopts eight false identities as he runs both from secret agents intent on murdering him and the police who believe he murdered someone else, all the while handcuffed to a woman. The film’s beginning>>
  • The 1959 movie starring popular film star Kenneth More who also played the amateur sleuth in Father Brown. Trailer>>
  • The 1978 movie with Don Sharp, who directed three episodes of the popular 60’s TV show The Avengers. Trailer>>
  • The 2008 BBC TV show starring Rupert Penry-Jones from the highly rated TV spy show Spooks. IMDB>>
  • A four-person 2008 Tony-award winning spoof on Hitchcock and theater. Montage video>>
  • And a 2011 remake to be directed by Robert Towne, who wrote two Mission Impossible scripts, and the highly regarded classic Chinatown.

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