18 astonishing examples of the (non-human) art of deception

18 astonishing examples of the (non-human) art of deception Can you find the toads? (this one is easy)

These creatures lie, steal or vanish without moving. How?

Toads and other creatures mimic their surroundings using visual camouflage so they cannot be seen. Many never move during the day, when moving can be fatal. Other creatures, if they are spotted by prey, will divert a predator’s attention by accentuating a non-lethal part of their anatomy. Still others startle their prey by mimicking the prey’s predators, or they may hide among fiercer creatures that their own predators avoid. A particularly clever caterpillar will even disguise its effect on the environment, by munching leaves in a symmetrical pattern so its enemies don’t notice the telltale evidence of feeding. And some want to be noticed – a certain nematode turns its host a bright red color so birds will spot it, eat it, and spread the nematode eggs via the bird’s feces.

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