Where’s the face in the coffee beans?

Where's the face in the coffee beans?"Wake up!" said the beans. Can you find the face? (Click to enlarge)
This image, called "Sweet Caffeine," is from the artist furitsu from the Worth1000 site. What is Worth1000? (Named that because a picture is worth a thousand words.) In their own words:

Worth1000 is a collection of online arenas where the world’s best artists compete daily in creative competitions. Worth1000 has hosted thousands of daily competitions since it launched and is well known across the web for inadvertently triggering hoaxes, celebrity amusement and even major media scandals when an entry created here is mistaken for real. (Seriously, the Pentagon once issued a statement distancing itself from Worth1000 images).

The "Sweet Caffeine" image above is an optical illusion in their Subtle Changes 2 category.

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