RuPaul: “Drag is like breaking the fourth wall in theater…”

RuPaul: "Drag is like breaking the fourth wall in theater..."Why do we love drag so much and why are so few of us illusionists?

The truth is, we are all illusionists and that’s why we are attracted to it. This whole world is an illusion. It’s not real. The truth of who we are has nothing to do with religion or the type of car that we drive or the color of our skin. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And the human experience part is very temporary. So, things like the bar, love, magic, dancing, and colors are there to remind us to not take all of this stuff so seriously.

Drag is like breaking the fourth wall in theater where we’re letting you know straight up that this is an illusion. People are attracted to that because they know it’s the truth of who they are also. No one is who they think they are. That’s why people are attracted to drag.

What’s the one drag secret that no one knows?

Illusion starts between the ears. If the person doing illusion doesn’t believe it, then the audience doesn’t believe it. Seeing the picture in your head will allow the audience to see it in their heads.

From Ramon Johnson’s interview with RuPaul at>>

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