In this baseball prank, bigger was better

In this baseball prank, bigger was betterNo, that’s not a video projection.
So how did Seattle Mariner’s baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. prank his friend, catching coordinator Roger Hansen?

Hansen said, "I was tipped off that I needed to head up to Field 2… As I started to walk up, I saw the thing."

"The thing" was a huge 60 foot by 30 foot photo of Ken Griffey Jr. and Roger Hansen hanging on the center field fence.

Why was it hanging there?

The photo was taken earlier in spring training, and Griffey had made copies and hung them around the training room. Hansen tore them down, and Griffey said he would make bigger copies, and threatened to wrap the tour bus with them, or fly them from an airplane. Hansen said he’d tear them all down.

So Griffey did what he had to do, and made the outrageous thing.

Hansen said, "We go way back. We’re very close friends. The family, too… It’s just fun stuff. He has a lot of money to play the fun stuff. But that’s going way beyond what needs to be done."

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