“I can predict changes in… wait, let go of me, who are you guys?”

"I can predict changes in... wait, let go of me, who are you guys?"The SEC has filed fraud charges against psychic Sean David Morton, claiming he fraudulently raised more than $6 million from over 100 investors for the Delphi Investment Group. He said he would use his psychic expertise to provide investment advice. Morton falsely stated: "I have called ALL the highs and lows of the market giving EXACT DATES for rises and crashes over the last 14 years."

(Photo: Sean and his wife Missy)

From Sean’s website:

Sean is a natural psychic, trained Remote Viewer, intuitive consultant, investigative reporter, and accomplished award winning director, screenwriter and film and TV producer.

He is also Managing Trustee of the Prophecy Research Institute, which since March 1993 has published the monthly Delphi Associates Newsletter, which now has nearly 20,000 subscribers worldwide.

Sean uses his talents and abilities to predict future occurrences and trends such as earth changes, political events and stock market fluctuations. He has an astounding "hit rate", or percentage of successes. His extreme accuracy has led radio host Art Bell to call him "America’s Prophet! A modern day Nostradamus with more hits than Barry Bonds and the Russian Mafia!"

Press release at SEC website>>

Sean David Morton Delphi Associates website>>

More from Peter J. Henning at the New York Times. (He follows issues related to white-collar crime for the New York Time’s DealBook, White Collar Watch.)

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