Hypnotized by three crumbs and a coffee cup (performed by Senor Rene Lavand)

There’s beauty in simplicity when Argentinian magician Hector Rene Lavandera, whose stage name is Rene Lavand, performs a trick with three crumbs and a small white coffee cup. It’s more amazing when you know he does this with only his left hand, having lost the other in an auto accident when he was nine years old.

Lavand’s magic is effective not only because he has technically mastered one-handed sleight of hand, but because he has mastered something else… he gives his magic meaning.

Listen and watch as he hypnotizes us with his "Uno, dos… in the pocket."

Lavand quotes sections of this poem by the Chinese poet Li Po:

With a jar of wine I sit by the flowering trees.
I drink alone, and where are my friends?
Ah, the moon above looks down on me;
I call and lift my cup to his brightness.
And see, there goes my shadow before me.
Ho! We’re a party of three, I say,
Though the poor moon can’t drink,
And my shadow but dances around me,
We’re all friends to-night,
The drinker, the moon and the shadow.
Let our revelry be meet for the spring time!

I sing, the wild moon wanders the sky.
I dance, my shadow goes tumbling about.
While we’re awake, let us join in carousal;
Only sweet drunkenness shall ever part us.
Let us pledge a friendship no mortals know,
And often hail each other at evening
Far across the vast and vaporous space!

(The clip is from the 1997 BBC-2 TV show Stuff the White Rabbit.)

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