How I (meaning this guy) would hack your weak password

How I (meaning this guy) would hack your weak password"Hackers, and I’m not talking about the ethical kind, have developed a whole range of tools to get at your personal data. And the main impediment standing between your information remaining safe, or leaking out, is the password you choose."

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If you don’t want to use a program to store all your different passwords, try this: Use a sentence or song lyric you’ve memorized. It’s better if it’s scatological or profane, because you’ll remember it better. Here’s an example:

"I hate having to remember my friggin password for this piece of sh*t site!" becomes


Then substitute numbers that sound like words in your sentence, in this case using "2" for "to" and "4" for "for":


And then add something like "piece of sh*t" becomes POS, to capitalize more words, so it’s now:


And finally, personalize it for each site:


Where POSG means "piece of sh*t Google site"


"Ihh2rmfp4tPOSMs!" means Microsoft site.

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