Have you seen the screwball romantic comedy thriller Charade?

Have you seen the screwball romantic comedy thriller Charade?Charade is a screwball romantic comedy thriller from 1963 starring a suitably dapper Cary Grant playing a man with many identities, depending on the situation, being pursued by a frightened and always stunning looking Audrey Hepburn, who’s being pursued throughout Paris by various crooks looking for the $250,000 her husband, whose body, recently tossed from a train, may have stolen from them, yet she knows nothing about all that…

It’s a playful film that never takes itself too seriously, even during its various murders and a scary rooftop fight scene, and it gets the tone just right, as if Alfred Hitchcock (who did not direct) filmed a less morbid version of one of his sexually charged thrillers with a bit more winks and romance. Directed by Stanley Donen, who did Singing in the Rain and other musicals. Scored by Henry Mancini. (Click here to immediately listen to the Lala Song Player  play his theme music Charade.)

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