Deception in badminton, the world’s fastest racquet sport

Deception in badminton, the world's fastest racquet sportAn article on deception in badminton from Jake Downey at says deception is a neglected art because of the sport’s emphasis on speed and power. If you want to be a deceptive player, here’s some of what he suggests:

  • Have clear, distinct, simple movements that allow time for your opponent to respond. If you do your deception too fast, your opponent will miss it.
  • Make moves that require a big response from your opponent.
  • Don’t telegraph what you’re going to do. Hide any telltale mannerisms by presenting a neutral picture. Always prepare identically for every stroke, and don’t develop unnecessary and superfluous stroke habits.
  • Enjoy deceiving, tricking and enticing your opponent into making false moves.
  • Practice deception by learning to handle your racket and body.
  • Delight in doing the moves while you’re playing.

That’s Przemyslaw Wacha in the photo.

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