Atheist goes undercover at Falwell’s evangelical church

Atheist goes undercover at Falwell's evangelical churchGina Welch, a Yale graduate and creative writing teacher who’s currently at George Washington University, wanted to know what makes evangelicals think. So in the fall of 2005, she pretended to be one of them.

"…she discovers that she likes some of these people, treasures the sense of belonging that church provides, gets a powerful feeling of connectedness from communal singing, and experiences a strong desire to believe in God. She expresses that desire almost poetically in her book when she describes her feelings upon hearing Psalm 139.

"The beauty of this psalm unfurled in me like great spools of ribbon. God-love I felt I finally saw it. … love with no beginning or end, love that was both calm and complete, unflinching in the face of anything you could reveal about yourself. Who wouldn’t want that? I certainly did. … But wanting it still didn’t make me believe it."

From an article by Margaret DeRitter at the Kalamazoo Gazette>>

Author Gina Welch’s blog>>

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