Psychology and ‘Alternative Medicine’ The Mischief-Making of Ideomotor Action

Psychology and 'Alternative Medicine' The Mischief-Making of Ideomotor ActionRetired University of Oregon professor Ray Hyman is a famous critic of parapsychology. In this article, he explains many events with a supposed metaphysical cause are actually caused by "ideomotor action," or a person’s unconscious movements.

The operators who unknowingly use ideomotor action have similar characteristics. The operator credits a new and revolutionary external force for this response, which is outside of known science. He or she believes they are saviors and must share this technique with others, and there are many others who will persecute them for this special knowledge. They may know about scientific principles like ideomotor action, and assure others that knowing about these things makes them immune to using these principles. They also have much invested in their particular belief system working, and are adverse to anything that challenges their belief. Read>>

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