Denmark’s Little Mermaid had severe anorexia

Denmark's Little Mermaid had severe anorexiaDenmark’s The Little Mermaid statue has graced Copenhagan Harbor since 1913. In May 2010 she was moved for the first time, to be exhibited at the World Expo in Shanghai until October.

Denmark's Little Mermaid had severe anorexiaOn April Fools Day 2010, she temporarily reappeared courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, although in a different form, composed of human bones and a swordfish skeleton.

Ironically, the statue in the harbor is not the original mermaid sculpted by Edvard Eriksen. The original has never been in the harbor, which has displayed only copies since the beginning. Over the years, various body parts have been stolen and reattached, and due to an act of decapitation, the head has also been replaced.

Skeleton sits in for Copenhagen’s traveling Little Mermaid>>

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