An illusion on the nursing school wall

An illusion on the nursing school wall The mural Dedication by artist Eric Grohe, in Columbus Ohio.
An illusion on the nursing school wallThe approach to the mural on the wall of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing, via Google maps>> 
Of course the indentations and outcroppings work to fool me into thinking the flat wall is not flat. But I always find that one of the most deceptive parts of this type of trompe l’oeil art is the differences in texture between the fake reflective surfaces, such as the window panes and the stone figures in the round "window." I can’t easily see that the surfaces are fake.
The artist also takes great advantage of the approach to the building down South Davis Avenue, putting a single "person" behind the railing and slightly continuing architectural details down the left side of the building, so the mural blends in as much as possible with the rest of the modern building. I’ve never been there, but I assume that for a new viewer, the mural looks real. I wonder how people circle back to get another look?

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