The Most Stylish Outfits Ever Worn on the Silver Screen

Pretty Woman (1990)

Julia Robert looked amazing pretty much in every scene of this classic love story that has proven to be a hit and a classic film of the era. Roberts plays the part of Vivienne and I think it would be safe to say that her array of costumes throughout the movie were very stylish and classy from the offset, featuring luxury outfits from the top designers of the time ti was very clear to see that the costume department of this movie had spared no expense when you came to making Roberts look like a civilized and expensive woman. Even her provocative outfit during her initial character development in the film was a very stylish and well thought out outfit, finished off with vinyl thigh-high boots it was very clear that the story was going to revolve around this amazing character.

As the film progresses Roberts was featured wearing some very high fashion pieces and even though the nineties were a time for fashion experimentation we saw that the film had chosen to give a very elegant and classy style to Julia’s character. Her iconic shopping scene as she walks down rodeo drive wearing a particularly lovely outfit just shows how the saint laurent shopping is a stylish bag to go shopping with, this look was very popular with it being sold out not long after the movie’s release.


Grease (1978)

This classic film set in the fifties was very revolutionary and featured many realistic depictions of fifties fashion and what it would have been like at the time. With the main characters of Danny and Sandy alone there were many strong references and strong fashion moments within their characters alone. As this film was set in a specific time period it was vital to the movie’s success that the fashion references and costumes were on point and true to the amazing time period that the film is set around.

Both Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta looked great in this film and I would argue that the costume department did very well when it came to creating a fashion aesthetic that was true to the times as well as being fashion icons that would stand the test of time. Even now we see strong references to this film through the fashion industry with the classic leather look of the T birds and the classic pink silk of the pink ladies outfits. The fact that these references are still being used in today’s fashion just shows how much of a success the film was and how accurate and stylish the costumes used actually were.

As this film was set over twenty years before the date of its release it is refreshing to see that so much thought had been put into the costume accuracy and making sure that even the smallest details were done correctly and in a way that was reflective of the character’s personality and reflective of the era of the film itself.


The Terminator (1984)

Terminator may not be the first thought in your head when it comes to having high fashion outfits and costumes but I thought that it would be relevant to mention the way in which Schwarzeneggar’s robotic character influenced the world of men’s fashion. The cold killer character image was portrayed through his iconic sunglasses and rustic leather jacket appeal, this look was replicated many times after the movie’s release in the eighties. It seems that this combination of clothing items to create the terminator’s look was something very fresh and new at the time of the movie’s release. Due to the popular response from fans, we saw the release of many new leather jackets and iconic pairs of shades so that people could replicate this look themselves.

At the time this was a classic appearance in men’s fashion and it is something that can still be seen in the mainstream fashion industry today. Even though this film was not necessarily very fashion orientated at the time that doesn’t mean that there is no fashion influence there, the fact that the protagonist of this film was so influential at the time within the acting world may have also affected the way that people reacted.


Suicide Squad (2016)

The final film on this list that featured a range of different stylish outfits would have to be Suicide Squad which was release pretty recently in 2016, the reason why this film has made it onto a position on this list of the most stylish film outfits is the unique comic book appearance and aesthetic that has been used within this live-action movie. Suicide Squad is oriented around comic book heroes and villains so as you can expect there are some pretty strong looks within this film

Within production, it is very apparent that the design team was set on creating looks and costumes that stayed true to the comic book artwork whilst adding a grungy and dramatic flair. Characters such as Harely Quinn and Deadshot played by Margot Robbie and Will Smith would be some of the best outfits as they portrayed aspects of the character’s mindset and made them look good and high fashion. Margot Robbie’s character of Harley Quinn had a costume that was reflective of the fact that the character was going through some form of a mental challenge which shows just how much thought the costume team had put into the looks for this hit movie.

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