A prank war with Pace salsa's Twitter account

He opened a whole bottle of Prank.

I was going to write a post about how comedian Kyle Kinane baked cookies in the shape of iPhones and acted like he was illegally using a cell phone while he was driving, but I decided his other prank was more hilarious.

(If you want to read about his cell phone prank, read the following headline which explains the ironic conclusion (or does it?) to his prank, at: Comedian bakes iPhone cookies to prank cops, is arrested for unpaid parking tickets, at Death and Taxes>>)

Instead, I discovered the following story, which is even funnier: A comedian started a war with Pace Salsa’s Twitter bot, and everything spiraled out of control>>).

Mr. Kinane discovered a flaw in the Twitter account which favorited tweets which mentioned Pace Salsa.

So he began messing with the account.

And then things got really weird. The account was closed. Employees contacted him directly. He tried to jokingly extort salsa from the company. He was sent salsa. Employees mysteriously disappeared.

And the conclusion? You'll have to read about it.

And if you're offended by rough language, don't read it. (This warning, of course, will dissuade no one.)

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