Peanuts, Star Wars and drinking - optical illusions

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I've found a few peanuts that I wouldn't want to eat in the above photo by artist Klaus Enrique.

Mr. Enrique also recreates optical illusions similar to the 16th Century painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Mr. Arcimboldo painted objects in an arrangement to create portraits, while Mr. Enrique photographs objects instead of painting them.

Some of Mr. Enrique's subjects are more familiar to modern audiences.

Rudolf II of Habsburg as Vertumnus,
painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo 
in 1590.

An homage to Darth Vader created in insects
 and photographed by Klaus Enrique
in this century.

And is it only me, or does this photo seem to be
 moving towards you from the center?
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You might also find it interesting that the above photo is created from plastic straws.

Klaus Enrique>>
(NOTE: Some of his images are not safe for work.)

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