Fool an auto thief with a vintage Gard-A-Car

Thief Is Left Stranded 
at Scene of the Crime. 
He Must Flee!
While visiting the ReSource yard in Boulder, a place where you can buy or donate reusable building materials, I discovered this old Gard-A-Car Auto Immobilizer.

It was probably sitting in a garage for 36 years until it was unearthed and donated in the hopes that it might be useful to someone.

Patent Pending.

You wire the "complete - ready to install in minutes" Gard-A-Car security system into your car's ignition system to foil any potential car thieves. It doesn't completely stop your car from starting. That would be too easy. Instead, it stalls the car with a timed circuit breaker and fools the thief with clever psychology:
"Permitting car to start and then stopping it catches thief off guard, stranded with a stolen car. He doesn't know what to do so he leaves car and runs."
Not sure if this would work with modern cars, but let me know if you'd like me to buy it for you. Never been used. Mint condition. Original box. Includes instructions. Hurry, only one available!

 Has one-year warranty, 
which expired in 1978.
(Click to enlarge)

Today, finding this device in a car would likely
prompt a call to Homeland Security.

ReSource Yard, Boulder>>

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