Why we are all drag queens

Both faces are "real".

New York photographer Leland Bobbé took a series of portrait photos he calls "Half Drag." Men with a female drag queen persona made themselves up with half their face female and half male.

These photos are an updated version of the subject of my previous post on sideshow "hermaphrodites" - the circus or carnival exhibits of a half man / half woman. (Why we are all hermaphrodites, Deceptology>>)

Those performers were trying to fool the public into believing that they were real medical oddities. Bobbé's subjects are showing us a similar illusion, yet they aren't trying to fool us. They're showing us two sides of the same person.

However, they're using some of the same "tricks" as those old sideshow performers to create their illusion, such as applying "female" makeup on only half a face.

These photos bring up the question of what's real and what's fake. If we hide our "real" selves by making up our faces and shaving and putting on different clothes and acting a certain way before we go out, aren't we all performing our own version of drag?

See more faces here: Half Drag, Leland Bobbé>>

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