Twins are not the same person

Katie Parks and Sarah Parks

Do not be fooled - they are not the same.

Photographer Martin Schoeller shot a series of photos of people who look the same on the surface yet in close-ups reveal that they are indeed different people.

Mr. Schoeller is known for his intimate style of portraits with neutral expressions in front of unadorned backgrounds.

Marta Croll-Baehre and Emma Croll-Baehre

Ellen Starr and Helen Underwood

Nate Mueller and Kirk Mueller

In one set of twins, one of the twins, a man named Chris Tynski, changed gender from Chris to Kristi.

Daniel Tynski

Daniel Tynski's twin brother 
became his sister, Kristin Tynski.

Forty of Mr. Schoeller's photos are featured in his book Identical: Portraits of Twins.
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