How to make more money with your pork

How to make more money with your pork
If beef is too expensive but you crave it, 
why not disguise your pork as beef?

If you want the flavor of beef and all you have is pork, you can disguise the flavor and look of the meat so it’s more beef-like, but it’s not so great if you think you’re buying beef and what you’re really buying is pork.

How to make more money with your pork
In China, you can buy a glazing agent and beef extract 
to treat your pork to look and taste like beef. 
The process takes about 90 minutes.

Police in Xi’an, China discovered a counterfeit beef-making factory that used chemicals such as industrial salts and paraffin wax to create fake beef, which of course sold at a much higher price than pork.

The fake meat was seized by police.

How to make more money with your pork
"Okay, you three stand over there and pretend 
to examine the meat while I take a photo."

– Xi’an police bust factory selling fake beef, Want China Times>>– "Beef Extract" Additive Used To Change Pork Into "Beef", ChinaSmack>>
– More food fakes: Beef in Shanghai might be pork? Shanghaist>>

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