Speed enforced by drones… with weapons

Speed enforced by drones... with weapons
You definitely do not want 

to exceed the speed limit.

Around the Bay Area in California, official-looking signs notify motorists that they’re being watched by drones that have the capability of firing weapons.

Speed enforced by drones... with weapons

Said Officer Andrew Barclay of the California Highway Patrol:

"The first officer who saw this on Highway 37 was out patrolling his beat…did a double take, flipped around, came back, and confirmed it was what he saw…

At CHP we definitely do not have drones. We use radar, lidar, pace, we have planes and we have helicopters, but we do not have drones. Along with not having drones we definitely do not have any drones that would fire any type of weaponry."

Speed enforced by drones... with weapons
staller, artist and trickster Stephen Whisler 
was making a political point with his prank.

– Fake Signs On Bay Area Highways Say Drones Looking For Speeders, CBS SF Bay Area, KCBS>>
– Speed enforced by drones, Stephen Whistler>>

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