Mommy, why is this lion barking like a dog?

Mommy, why is this lion barking like a dog?
I love this picture of a woman bundled against 
the cold, fearlessly holding the "lion’s" leash.

The Louhe city zoo in China was exhibiting what they said was an African lion. But it was not a lion. It was actually a breed of dog called a Tibetan mastiff.

The zoo said that the regular lion had been sent away for breeding. I guess they hoped that nobody would notice, or care too much. Hey, at last there was an animal, right?

Supposedly the dog as a lion substitution was exposed when the lion began barking.

The zoo was also exhibiting a white fox that was pretending to be a leopard, and a domestic breed of dog pretending to be a wolf.

Zoo In China Swaps Lion For Dog, Hopes No One Notices, NPR> 

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