A type font only humans can read

A type font only humans can read

When you want to write so computers cannot read your text, use this Human Readable Font:

??є H∪??и ?є?d??є ???є ? ? ??єє d??␤??d??є ?иd є℁? ?? ㏌§???? ?є?♭???d
??㎍㏌ ??? ??⊏ ???? ㏚?d∪₠§§ ?∪??и-?␤? ?є?d??є ?є?? ℁ ??∪ ???є․ Ш??d§
??i??єи ??? ??? ??є i??є⅁i?є ?? ?∪?????i⊂ §є??⊂? ㏚?₠§§є§ ?иd d??? ??и㏌⅁
??є???i?觧․ ␟є i? ??? ␙?i?˛ ?є♭??⅁є§˛ ??₠♭??? ??§?§˛ є?⊂․ ?? ? ?є?d??є
♭? ?∪??и§ ?и ????§? ?и?

di⅁i??? dє√i₠ ?иd ????????
??є ?i?є ? ??єи ??∪?₠˛ ?иd ∪?d??є§ ?i?? ♭є ??§?єd ℁ ??є? ?⊂℆?.

Yes your brain can read, but your brain might hurt.

dє⊂є?????⅁? seems almost readable.

Currently only available for Mac computers. Someone?

– Human Readable Type>>
(Via Book of Joe>>)

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