This pretty woman had a horrible secret

Estíbaliz Carranza is very attractive.

She seems like a fun-loving person.
This is her Facebook photo.

She is very wordly. She has joint 
Spanish-Mexican citizenship and speaks 
fluent English, German and Italian.

She and her husband used to own 
this ice cream shop in Vienna, Austria.

But after Ms. Carranza left Austria, she was 
forced to return under police custody.

That's because of something workmen 
found in the basement underneath 
her ice cream parlor.

The workers, who were repairing leaky pipes, noticed a horrible smell and discovered human remains.

The remains were the bodies of Ms. Carranza's husband and boyfriend. She shot her husband in 2008 and her boyfriend in 2010 with the same 22-caliber Beretta pistol. Then she dismembered them with a chainsaw and put them in a freezer.

Later she buried them inside ice cream tubs filled with concrete and stored them in the basement.

In court she spoke about the first murder:
"It was like something out of a horror movie. There was blood everywhere, I remember I could not get the smell of blood out of my memory - I could not get rid of the smell."
Her defense lawyer said she is a very disturbed person.

She has pleaded guilty to the crimes.

She was pregnant with her current boyfriend's child when she was in prison before her trial. That boyfriend married her while she was in prison.

Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala, age 34

More on her story: Ice cream killer pleads guilty to killing lover and boyfriend, Vienna Times>>

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