Creepy mask made of paper

If the paper was translucent it would be even creepier.

You can download the file and make one of these to cover your own face. It's from Stephen Kongsle ("Kongorilla") on Thingiverse.
Here's a blank canvas for the new you. Or your Halloween costume. Or maybe your audition for store mannequin. Or your general purpose anonymity needs.

Sometime in the future I hope to make a full head version, but I wanted to post what I've gotten done so far in case someone could use it for Halloween 2012. The original idea was to make a papercraft alternative for artists who can't afford the "planes of the head" plaster model, so keep your eyes peeled for further developments.

I'm going to make a mask with dark paper, and use glow-in-the-dark tape to highlight the edges - I'll be Wireframe Man!

 "I approve!"

Low Poly Mask, Thingiverse>>
Found via Boing Boing>>

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