Greek runners collide - an optical illusion

Gossip makes you closer.

I like this illusion.

I assume this one was done by the great cartoonist Al Hirschfeld for the 1962 musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Does anyone know if that's true?

Here's another optical illusion that's definitely by Hirshfeld. (Thanks, Anonymous!) This one is an "unlikely casting" cartoon, where Hirschfeld caricatured Robert Preston and Sammy Davis Jr. as twin brothers in the play "The Boys From Syracuse."

 Another one by Al Hirshfeld, from 1964

He also did the same double face illusion effect in this 1938 cartoon for the original play. Guess he was smart enough to steal from himself.

"The Boys From Syracuse."
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  1. I found this illusion by Hirschfeld here:


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