Attractive swimsuit model smuggles meth

Simone Farrow, drug smuggler

She was an attractive blonde "Ed Hardy" swimsuit model and a former Penthouse Pet with multiple aliases who jumped bail after being accused of being the head of a global methamphetamine drug smuggling ring.

While living in Hollywood, Simone Farrow (or Simone Starr - she had multiple names) supposedly mailed "ice" to Australia, hidden in parcels containing "bath products", "pants" or "small fountain kits".

As quoted in the news, Ms. Farrow "allegedly developed a method of hiding the drugs inside the bath products". It's said she specifically used bags of bath salts.

What was her smuggling "method"?

Here's what an actual bag of crystal meth looks like, 
courtesy of the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

And here's a bag of bath salts.

Ms. Farrow's "bath salts", 
ready for shipping

I don't know her real method; she might have used something more sophisticated. I do know it was more sophisticated than this gentleman, who tried going through airport security with five pounds of methamphetamine inside two bags of snacks.

 Innocent-looking bag of TGI Friday's 
Potato Skins, Cheddar and Bacon 

 Uh oh.

- Penthouse Pet and model Simone Farrow (aka Starr) arrested in raid for allegedly being drug ring boss, Herald Sun>>
- Methamphetamine pictures, DEA>>
- Man Arrested After Trying To Smuggle Meth In Potato Chip Bags At LAX, CBS Los Angeles>>

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