Did grandpa's tie have a sexy secret?

The one on the far right is a bit obvious,
but if you look under other vintage ties,
you might see a little cheesecake.

So, was grandpa deceiving grandma with a secretly naughty 1950s tie? When you lifted up the bottom edge you would reveal a slightly "naughty" secret. Yet by today's standards...

Can't you imagine a 1950's scene where an obnoxious salesman wears one of these to his lodge meeting and shows the other fellahs?

The secret split-rail fence 
girlie peek-a-boo tie

The leopard bikini girlie 
peek-a-boo tie

The Jane Mansfield 
(before she was a famous 
actress) blond bombshell 
girlie peek-a-boo tie

The tropical Hawaiian 
girlie peekaboo tie

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  1. I swear I've seen that exact scene in an old movie or on TV, where a salesman shows off his hidden "erotic" gag tie. Was it maybe on The Honeymooners? Something black and white I'm sure. Does anyone know if that scene's real, or am I making it up?


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