A deceptively erotic Bernini photograph

This photograph seems romantic, almost tender.

Yet appearances can be very deceptive... it actually shows a scene of a woman being grabbed and abducted against her will. Yet when viewed up close, it looks very different.

The Italian artist who created it was Bernini, a famous painter, sculptor and architect who lived until he was 81. He was never a photographer, however -  the contemporary photograph above is actually of his famous sculpture The Rape of Proserpina (or Persephone.) It depicts the myth of the God Pluto carrying her into the Underworld to be his Queen.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini died in 1680.

Another view of Bernini's marble sculpture

The Rape of Prosperina>>


  1. I see what you did there...

  2. Wow. Almost pornographic. Good thing it's based on classical myths, or that Bernini would have been tossed in the pokey.


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