She was tricked into reading a sex abuse joke

She was tricked into reading a sex abuse joke

A BBC radio presenter was tricked into reading a sex abuse joke on the air.

To understand this prank, you’ve got to know something about Jimmy Savile, who passed away in 2011.

He was an honored UK media personality who worked a great deal with children.  After his death, credible allegations surfaced that he was a pedophile with as many as 300 victims.

Listen to the clip:

Good Morning Ulster – Jimmy Savile 2012 10 26

If you’re Brit-speak challenged, here’s the text version, which the female presenter says offers "an alternative view on the Jimmy Savile story":

"I wish everyone would stop criticising Jimmy Savile. He was a nice man. When I was eight he fixed it for me to milk a cow blind-folded."

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