A magician stretches comedian Phyllis Diller

A magician stretches comedian Phyllis Diller
She said she wanted to be taller…

On this 1966 episode of the Hollywood Palace TV variety show, magician Kirk Kirkham performed his signature trick of "Stretching a Woman". Here, he stretches actress and comic Phyllis Diller.

He owned the stretching apparatus once used by the magician Howard Thurston.

Stretching a Woman with Phyllis Diller

Mr. Kirkham normally stretched his wife Phyllis. Here he is on the 1950s TV show "You Asked For It", with host Art Baker, before he refurbished the stage illusion to look more modern.

Stretching a Woman on "You Asked For It"

The magician Carter the Great had also performed the illusion, calling it "The Elongated Maiden", a "baffling Chinese mystery":

A pretty Chinese girl tied to a torture rack, without seeming discomfort, apparently permits her head and limbs to be stretched yards away from their natural positions.

A magician stretches comedian Phyllis Diller

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