Why can’t I buy stuff with “phoney mazuma”?

Why can't I buy stuff with "phoney mazuma"?
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These fake bills were from the Arcade Magic & Novelty Store in Toronto, which sold "grease paint & make up / crepe hair & false noses / magic tricks, jokes & puzzles."

They’re also labeled "Phoney Mazuma / Only fifty / You can’t pass me / Nix."

Here’s another "Phoney Mazuma" from Ellis Mercantile Co. in Hollywood, California, which made and rented movie props. This fake money was used in movies instead of the real thing.

Why can't I buy stuff with "phoney mazuma"?
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The "Phoney Mazuma" shown below was being sold on an auction site as being "Compliments of Bremers from Iowa City Iowa", circa 1929.

Why can't I buy stuff with "phoney mazuma"?
You can’t pass this one, either.
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"Mazuma" is also a slang word for cash (it comes from the Yiddish word "mazume.")

According to the 1893 slang dictionary "Slang and Its Analogues Past and Present", the word "mesumme" means counterfeit money.

That means you haven’t been able to use these bills to buy stuff for at least 83 years.

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