Why JamieLee Lawler lost more than her dog

Why JamieLee Lawler lost more than her dog
JamieLee Lawler and Luci

Her life seemed perfect. What happened?

Why JamieLee Lawler lost more than her dog
JamieLee Lawler vacationed with friends

Why JamieLee Lawler lost more than her dog
JamieLee Lawler swam with 
Luci in her home pool

Why JamieLee Lawler lost more than her dog
JamieLee Lawler loved her dog

Why JamieLee Lawler lost more than her dog
JamieLee Lawler lived in her Phoenix home, 
which she called the "Lawler Resort"

JamieLee Lawler, age 43, also liked to watch the TV shows Forsenic Files and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

One of her favorite movies? The Shawshank Redemption.

JamieLee Lawler’s real name is Paige Kinney.

She was a loan officer who led a mortgage fraud scheme.

She and others found people who were not qualified to buy homes and submitted false documents under their names. These people, who never intended to pay any of the mortgage, received mortgage loans for more than a property was worth.

With this scheme, she and others received $9 million in extra money.

Ms. Kinney spent her money on homes in Phoenix and San Diego, luxury vehicles, jewelry, her mortgage, and to pay the people who used the fake information to pretend to be getting the loans.

Because of her, lenders issued almost $39 million in fraudulent loans.

Paige Kinney was caught.

Once you’re arrested for fraud, you’d think you should keep squeaky clean and not commit any more crimes.

She did not follow this advice.

While waiting for the trial, she declared bankruptcy, then tried to hide information from the bankruptcy court by giving them a fake name and social security number.

She also arranged for friends to obtain a fraudulent loan to buy a car.

And she committed insurance fraud by staging a fake burglary of her home and collecting $130,000 from her insurance company.

Again, Paige Kinney was caught.

The judge in her case was not sympathetic. He said she had engaged in a "breathtakingly aggressive fraud" and sentenced her to pay $22 million in restitution.

He also sentenced her to spend a total of 15 years in prison.

Former Countrywide Loan Officer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison and Ordered to Pay $22 Million in Restitution, FBI>>

2 thoughts on “Why JamieLee Lawler lost more than her dog”

  • A victum says:

    Well, Well, Well, KARMA FINALLY CAUGHT YOU!!!!
    You have been a terrible, manipulative person your ENTIRE LIFE, even when you lived back home in Saginaw Michigan. You have a twisted way of thinking what you do to earn money is ok. It is NOT, you worthlesss piece of crap. I feel sorry for you only because you are so misurable that you felt money and materialistic things were what made you happy. Are you happy now!! You need to spent the rest of your misurable life behihd bars, you never spent anytime for your fraudulent acts when you were in Saginaw and now you need to have at least triple the time you are serving to be added to your current fate!!!
    We all get what we deserve in the end.

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