What’s sneaky about this “Eyetalian” cartoon?

What's sneaky about this "Eyetalian" cartoon?
Why is she walking past the ticket-taker
with such a large bundle on her head?

What's sneaky about this "Eyetalian" cartoon?
Betrayed with a Smile
(Click to enlarge the cartoon)

TICKET-PUMPER – I never saw an Eyetalian rag-picker give up a ticker with a smile before. I guess I’ll watch it –

– If those rags haven’t got Italians inside of them, I’ll never pump another ticket!

This 1899 cartoon, which appeared in the American humor magazine Puck, presents a stereotype of an urban Italian immigrant as a deceitful Catholic with too many kids who makes her living by selling rags picked out of the garbage.

– Cartoon source: Digital Gallery at the New York Public Library>>
– Puck magazine, Wikipedia>>
– Read your early 20th Century Puck right here, at Google books>>

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