Toilet paper prank leads to death

Teens were "rolling" these trees

If this wasn't real, it sounds like the start of a horror film.

One night in October, a 34-year-old Florida firefighter, who had just gotten married in June, heard noises outside his home. Probably thinking burglars were trying to break into a house, he chased them in his Chevy pickup truck, which was pulling an attached trailer.

It may have happened because he was speeding, racing closer to see their license plate number, or because he was on his cell phone, trying to give the number to sheriff's deputies. It didn't help that he wasn't wearing his seat belt. He lost control on a curve and his pickup truck and trailer rolled over, ejecting him from his vehicle. James Luther McRae died at the side of the road.

The four teens he was chasing, from the local high school, were tossing toilet paper rolls into the trees as a prank.

Firefighter Dies In Wreck Chasing Kids That Were Rolling Yards,>>

Where is Houdini's DNA? Now it's Navajo

George Hardeen and a poster by Theo Hardeen

Ask most people to name a famous magician and many will say Houdini, who died on Halloween in 1926. And although Houdini and his wife Bess had no children, he does have a descendant:
For many years, George Hardeen, one of Houdini's few living blood relatives, was invited to attend the annual seance to reach his great-uncle. On Halloween night in 2001, he finally agreed.

"They had a big round table. They had some articles that belonged to Houdini," he says. "They had a medium, and he was very entertaining, calling upon Houdini in a very dramatic way. They would beseech him to just show a sign, move something on the table."

After about half an hour, he says, "they threw in the towel, and then it was over." The group went to a really nice bar, drank some scotch and just talked. "And I think that's the purpose of these seances — to give an opportunity for folks to come back and talk about Houdini," he says.

That was a bit strange for him, because admittedly, he knows little about his great-uncle. "I felt ignorant in their presence. But that didn't matter to them, because I'm the guy that's got the DNA."
Read or Listen to the entire story: Houdini Relative Unlocks Some Family Secrets, NPR

Can you grok the mind trip?

It looks really trippy under a black light.
(Click to enlarge)

I think the long-haired kid sitting in front of me used to draw pictures like this on his three-ring binder in high school.

Or was that all just a mind trip, man?

(Wait, man, can you see the words? Whoa, that's weird.)

You can buy it as a poster at Mind Trip, ABPosters>>

A wife discovers her husband’s topless photo

Dan was up to no good with Terri Smith

Let’s say you’re the wife of a guy named Daniel Mooneyham, and you’re both in your late 20s. He’s a youth minister at a local church in a small town in Oklahoma. He also works at a store that sells mobile phones. He’s been stealing cell phones and cell phone cards from his store and selling them on the internet. He's caught, and although he avoids jail time, he’s ordered to pay over $19,000 in restitution.

As his wife, you might have reason not to completely trust him.

Three years later, you discover he’s set up a secret Facebook account with the fake name “Terri Smith.” You see many of the friends on your husband’s Facebook page are young men from your church and from summer youth camps you both attended.

So you create your own Facebook account and pretend to be a teenage boy.

This is how you spy on your husband's computer.

You also install a secret piece of hardware on the computer your husband uses. It’s a keylogger, which captures all the keystrokes he types, which gives you the Facebook password for his fake account.

Then you discover what’s he’s doing.

It’s not what you think.

You contact the FBI and they start monitoring his account.

Your husband has been pretending to be an 18-year-old woman named Terri Smith. He found a topless, homemade-looking photo of a woman on the internet, and he pretended it was him. He would send young men "Terri's" nude photo in exchange for their nude photos.

Some of the young men responded with their own explicit photos. And some of the young men were minors. Your husband said he asked for those photos out of "curiosity."

At the time, he was still involved with your church as a Sunday school teacher, and right before he was arrested, he was planning to attend a church youth camp.

He was trapped by the FBI when he solicited a sexually explicit photo from an undercover agent pretending to be a 15-year old boy.

Your husband told the FBI that he was using them to “live a different lifestyle, meet guys and for ‘lustful intentions.” He said he saw it as a challenge to get their photos. 

You file for an annulment of your marriage, saying that your husband committed fraud by not disclosing his actual sexuality.

Your soon-to-be not husband, 
Daniel Leslie Mooneyham

- Former Lexington Pastor Poses As Woman Online, Lures Boys To Send Nude Pictures, News9 Oklahoma>>
- Facebook Fake Pleads Guilty to Receipt of Child Porn, U.S. Attorney's Office, Western District of Oklahoma>>
- Hardware keylogger, Keyllama>>

A small boy dwarfed by two giant girls - an optical illusion at the old swimming hole

Cropped from a vintage photograph

I found this image of a boy in an inner tube and two girls on a diving board for sale on eBay.

The entire photo
(Click to enlarge)

Young people: "all they have read and all they have been told are lies, lies, lies..."

 A picture of an Amsterdam brothel.
 "...the women, with brutal faces and 
painted cheeks, who came out of their doors 
and cried out to him, filled him with fear..."

This popular quote about youth and illusion is by W. Somerset Maugham:
It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded.
The quote's found in the novel Of Human Bondage, concerning the thoughts and adventures of the life of Philip Carey:
...Philip in the daytime had been led by curiosity to pass through the little street near the old bridge, with its neat white houses and green shutters, in which according to Hayward the Fraulein Trude lived; but the women, with brutal faces and painted cheeks, who came out of their doors and cried out to him, filled him with fear; and he fled in horror from the rough hands that sought to detain him. He yearned above all things for experience and felt himself ridiculous because at his age he had not enjoyed that which all fiction taught him was the most important thing in life; but he had the unfortunate gift of seeing things as they were, and the reality which was offered him differed too terribly from the ideal of his dreams.

He did not know how wide a country, arid and precipitous, must be crossed before the traveller through life comes to an acceptance of reality. It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded. It looks as if they were victims of a conspiracy; for the books they read, ideal by the necessity of selection, and the conversation of their elders, who look back upon the past through a rosy haze of forgetfulness, prepare them for an unreal life. They must discover for themselves that all they have read and all they have been told are lies, lies, lies; and each discovery is another nail driven into the body on the cross of life. The strange thing is that each one who has gone through that bitter disillusionment adds to it in his turn, unconsciously, by the power within him which is stronger than himself. The companionship of Hayward was the worst possible thing for Philip. He was a man who saw nothing for himself, but only through a literary atmosphere, and he was dangerous because he had deceived himself into sincerity. He honestly mistook his sensuality for romantic emotion, his vacillation for the artistic temperament, and his idleness for philosophic calm. His mind, vulgar in its effort at refinement, saw everything a little larger than life size, with the outlines blurred, in a golden mist of sentimentality. He lied and never knew that he lied, and when it was pointed out to him said that lies were beautiful. He was an idealist.

From Chapter 29 of W. Somerset Maugham's partially autobiographical 1915 novel Of Human Bondage, voted one of the 100 best novels of the 20th Century.
The photograph of the brothel is not real - it's a section of a slightly surreal artwork, a recreation of Amsterdam's red light district - Edward and Nancy Kienholz' The Hoerengracht to be Shown in Amsterdam, ArtDaily>>
- Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham, Project Gutenberg>>

A magical fight between Demon and Reason

Who will win the battle?
"The Mystic Swing", a Thomas Edison film

In The Mystic Swing, a short from 1900, Mephistopheles, one of the devil's assistants, is having a contest with a character that the Edison film catalog calls the Professor. The Professor gestures to show that the "Mystic Swing" has nothing above or below it, and then makes a young woman appear. The demon responds by making her disappear. Then - although it's hard to see in this old film - the Professor makes an older woman appear, and the demon vanishes her as well. Finally, the Professor conjures up a skeleton, which the demon cannot vanish, so the Professor vanishes it. Mephistopheles then bows to the superior skills of the Professor, who makes both women appear for a final curtain call.

The Mystic Swing (Silent Movie) 1900

Edwin Porter made this film for Thomas Edison in 1900, after the style of the French filmmaker and magician Georges Méliès. Many of these early "special effects" films imitated the style of stage magicians of the time, using trick photography to improve upon the magician's illusions. But the filmmakers couldn't help but have their actors act just like magicians, as if the rules of film were the same as the rules of the stage.

17 deceptive Halloween costumes

Headless Marie Antoinette

These are illusion costumes that make people say: "That's cool! How'd you do that?"

You can make most of these Halloween costumes yourselves, although some might stretch your maker skills. All of them are the types of disguises that fool people, and even if they do figure out how it's done, sometimes the deception is so strong that, like an effective optical illusion, people can't help but see the illusion instead of the reality. And what's better for Halloween?

Holding a living severed head

A living severed hand instead of a head

Remember, it's not just about the prop hand, it's what you do with it. Here's magician Kevin James performing his severed hand illusion years ago at The Magic Castle:

Kevin James and his Severed Hand

For this one to work, I think you must be a woman, 
and you must already be pregnant.

This effect reminds me of the time my wife was pregnant and we showed up at a Halloween party with her in costume as a pregnant nun. The friend hosting the party hadn't seen us in a while and didn't know she was expecting, and when he touched her "fake" belly: "Oh God you really are pregnant!"

In this video, kids scream as they're carried away... by themselves:

Halloween Illusion Costume - One Pretends to Be Two

You can see right through this gaping hole illusion.

Here's the secret

The same woman who made the headless Marie Antoinette costume also made her own "hole through body" costume, based on a special effect in the 1992 comedy "Death Becomes Her", where Goldie Hawn gets a hole blasted in her but is still alive.

Death Becomes Her Costume - Hole through body effect

This upside down person is both cheap and easy.

And if you have a clown costume you can destroy, and a clown mask, you can make upside-down clowns, which are even creepier than right-side-up clowns. These clowns walking on their hands are from the 2010 Toronto Santa Claus Parade.

Imagine these coming down your street 
in the dark on Halloween night.

And speaking of parades, if you have lots of time, money and creativity, you can try making Zoltar from the 1988 Tom Hanks film Big:

Zoltar At The Mermaid Day Parade 2009

These plastic army man costumes are simpler, if you have an extensive green wardrobe and some green face paint.

I like the use of the green plastic fabric 
that shines like, well, plastic.

It's the base that makes this 
plastic army man so deceptive.

If you want to make a homemade costume quickly, I have six words for you: duct tape, duct tape, duct tape. (And a cardboard box, some old clothes and a mask.)

Awesome Homemade Costume

Here's the same effect, of someone carrying someone else in a box, in a professional costume:

Man in cage carried by a gorilla

Here Scott Holden is being carried by a Tauntaun beast in the costume listed on his site under "Incredible Stuff I Made." He's right.

Star Wars Tauntaun costume

Someone in New York made a version of the one person seeming to carry another illusion even more deceptive, and funnier, too (mute the sound):

One of the best Halloween costumes I've ever seen!

Finally, here are some more costumes I've written about before:

- How-Tuesday: Headless Marie Antoinette Costume From Makezine. Etsy>>
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- 2010 Toronto Santa Claus Parade by Mike Boon on Flickr>>
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- Toy Soldier, Military LULZ>>
- Awesome Homemade Costume - Creepy man carrying a box, Youtube>>
- Scott Holden's Tauntaun Costume, Cockeyed>>
- Man in a portable toilet, One of the best Halloween costumes I've ever seen! Youtube>>

He made thousands of pantyhose prank calls

His name is Rip. 
He really likes pantyhose.
A man in Pennsylvania named Rip Alan Swartz made random lewd prank calls around the United States, trying to talk to women about pantyhose. On one day alone, he made 432 calls. He told police that two out of every 100 phone calls resulted in a conversation.

Mr Schwartz likely has some mental health issues.

Some of the news stories about Mr. Swartz portray him as a disgusting pervert who "got his jollies" from the calls. Said Mr. Swartz, who hopes to enter a mental health treatment program:
"I'm definitely ashamed of the whole scenario. I didn't mean to harm anybody. I just want to do the program and just put this whole scenario behind me and get on with my life, because I definitely messed it up."

Mr. Swartz, his mugshot

His first mugshot makes him look a bit frightening. Contrast it with the one below.

Mr. Swartz, again

- Shiremanstown man sentenced for calling thousands of women about pantyhose, The Sentinel, Cumberlink>>
- Rip Alan Swartz confesses to calling women for sexually explicit talks about their pantyhose: cops, New York Daily News>>
- This person displays an obsession with pantyhose in a more acceptable way: Swedish pantyhose ads on Flickr>>

Man finds hidden 8-year old murder confession

 When the power went out he found 
something written inside his electrical box

Joe Miller lived in an apartment in the town of Cheektowaga, outside of Buffalo, New York. One day, his power went out. When he checked the circuit breaker box in his bedroom, the only time he had opened it in the two-and-a-half years he had lived there, he was spooked by what he found.

Written inside the door of the box, in the space that usually tells which room is controlled by which electric breaker, was this note:
I wrote this as my only confession I have commited the ultimate crime against humanity, the taking of another’s life. Under carpet and concrete of the closet to the left lies the remains of a woman by a name I never asked or knew Although I doubt I’ll get caught, I know deep in my heart that to redeem myself in the eyes of god she will have to be found, identified and her family informed Then my sin will washed from my soul.

Pray for her Not Me I have been saved.
The message was signed and dated 8/11/2003, over eight years earlier.

Mr. Miller called police.

Authorities searched his apartment and basement storage locker. They ripped back his closet's carpeting and investigated underneath the floor with a cadaver dog and an x-ray machine.

That’s until they discovered the former tenant, who admitted – and I’m sure it was a sheepish admission – that he had never killed anyone, and that the message which he did write was an eight-year old hoax, a prank that he had pulled on his roommate.

Mr. Miller said:
"I'm just glad it's over with, I really am. Like I said, I can get back to normal."
- Homicide note, WIVB>>
- Scrawled note details purported murder, WIVB>>
- Mysterious note was an 8-year-old prank, WIVB>>

He built a video game "cheat machine" with Legos

Is it really cheating if how you cheat is more
interesting than playing part of your game?

The Xbox 360 video game Gears of War 3 gives players medals for accomplishing tasks. If you're interacting with objects enough times in the game, you can earn an award. One player decided to skip all the human interaction with his game controller and built a machine made out of Legos that pressed keys on one object in the game (a piano) 2,000 times:
This hits the ‘X’ button at about 67 times per minute, though I think only about 1/2 of them actually trigger the event. So more like 34 times per minute, 340 times every 10 minutes, about 2,000 per hour.
Game player and Lego builder Guy Himber won his award.

- Watch his Lego cheat machine in action at Flickr>>
- This Guy Cheated to get an Achievement (But He Did It in Style), Kotaku>>

Should doctors always tell the truth?

 Doctors will sometimes use "benevolent deception" 
when dealing with patients who have dementia

"Truthfulness is the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship... But there are limitations and pitfalls to this process:"
Patient: Doctor, I know I can still drive. Just let me take a test.

Doctor A: I'm sorry, Mr. K, but I can't help you with that. As we discussed, your memory impairment makes it unsafe for you to drive.

Patient: Just let me take the test. I can drive just fine.

Doctor A: The memory testing tells us that you would not be a safe driver.

Patient: My memory is not that bad. I know I can drive.

Patient's wife: Honey, I told you that the car is not working now and needs to be fixed. Let's talk about it later.

Patient: Okay.
"Mr. K's wife did what caregivers for individuals with dementia often do -- she placated his concerns for the moment and then redirected him, in essence telling a lie. Should doctors ever do the same thing?"

Read more in this short essay on doctor / patient ethics: The Benevolent Deception: When Should a Doctor Lie to Patients? The Atlantic>>
- How We Age: A Doctor's Journey Into the Heart of Growing Old by Marc E. Agronin>>
- Detail from Leonardo Da Vinci's Study of an Old Man, Da Vinci Gallery>>

What happens when your brain calls up a memory

You pull jigsaw puzzles out of boxes 
stored all over the place.

From an interview with the author Brainworks: The Mind Bending Science of What You See, How You Think, and Who You Are, by Michael Sweeney, a companion book to National Geographic's 3-episode series Brain Games:
When I did the research about how memories actually are formed, I learned that memories are stored in various parts of the brain associated with the initial sensations. So the color is stored one place and the sound is stored one place, and the associations are stored throughout. So when you call up a memory, you’re not just pulling a video tape out of a cabinet, you’re pulling jigsaw puzzle pieces out of boxes stored in all sorts of closets, and you’re putting the puzzle together.

And then – this is what really threw me – we think that these memories are permanent. They’re not.

When you pull up these bits of memory from random access in your brain, they get stuck to other things you associate with them. So they’re all jumbled up together and I may put two pieces together that don’t belong together, and then refile them, and from then on, I’ve created a memory.

By golly, I read that and I [was] stunned at how easy it is to either remember things that you think you knew, but remember them wrongly, or to have someone suggest something to you and that screws you up. [In fact,] New Jersey just passed a law that makes eye witness testimony more subject to questioning for its validity in court testimony.
- Brain Games by National Geographic>>
- “Brainworks: The Mind Bending Science of What You See, How You Think, and Who You Are”, by Michael Sweeney>>
- Inside the Secrets of Illusions & Memory, National Geographic>>
- Brain puzzle from Tumbleweed Paris>>

What is this deceptive bracelet hiding?

This naked bracelet is without a familiar face.

Here it is with the LEDs on, telling you 
what you need to know.

Hironao Tsuboi designed this faceless LED watch>>

A fair's concession stand - an optical illusion Magic Eye postcard

If you look not closely enough you'll see 
something else among this image.
(Click to enlarge)

I found this at the HospiceCare and Share Thrift in Boulder. The instructions:
Hold this postcard right up to your nose and very very slowly pull it away from your face. Look through the image without focusing on it. Try not to blink, and a hidden image will magically appear!

Hidden Image: Trapeze performers

Why is this drawing of a fish illegal?

This coloring book fish 
has led to criminal charges

An inmate at the Maine Correctional Center is in trouble for receiving this fish drawing in a coloring book. Because of this fish and other incidents, the jail now requires that all inmate mail must be sent in white envelopes. And officials must rip off all the stamps before they deliver the mail, and anything written in crayon, or decorated in glitter, or covered in any kind of sticker, is not delivered.

In another jail, three pages of a coloring book with pictures of Snow White and Cinderella that said "To Daddy" on them were also found to be illegal.

Also illegal: certain pairs of shoes, spines of magazines, and clothing. One women's prison routinely washes and dries in high heat all the clothing sent to inmates, especially sweat pants with drawstrings.


It's because people are smuggling in Suboxone, a drug with an orange tint used to treat opiate addiction by reducing the effects of drug withdrawal. Smugglers crunch the pills and apply them to objects as a paste.

Of course, Suboxone can also be used to get high while you're in prison.

Arnold shows Kathy the new fish tank he wants 
to stock with Suboxone fish when he gets home.

Doesn't this seem like a losing game? If a pill is reduced to a powder and can't be detected by drug-sniffing dogs (and I don't know if Suboxone can be found this way or not) how could you ever keep this out of a prison?

And can't most pills be smuggled in this way? What about the drug LSD, which can be applied as a liquid and creates hallucinogenic effects in very small amounts?

Here's why: 1) this drug's in vogue right now, 2) Suboxone is more easily found outside the prison, and 3) authorities have released information about this to scare the smugglers outside the prison so they won't consider smuggling it inside the prison.

- When Children’s Scribbles Hide a Prison Drug, The New York Times>>
- Cinderella, Snow White Implicated In Jail Drug Smuggling Ring, The Smoking Gun>>

Validate your ticket inside her mouth

A silent film star will bite into your ticket

Mentalgassi is a Berlin art collective that covers objects on the street with photographs. These images are of photos wrapped around ticket validator boxes.

 I believe she's not happy about it

 Is she spitting it out or sucking it in?

Before and after


Mentalgassi, in Berlin>>

Fake referee sparks football mayhem

This ref, he has no pants

During a football match between the UCLA Bruins and the Arizona Wildcats, a trickster decides to strip off his regular clothes to reveal a fake referee outfit. He runs onto the field blowing a whistle and stops the game.

While the refs are about to huddle, probably wondering why someone blew a whistle, the pseudo-ref strips off a breakaway outfit and sprints around the field as he's called a "knucklehead" by the announcers. Our prankster gets about 14 seconds of exuberance before he's tackled by security.

Then, about 38 seconds into the video, a real referee runs to help break up a brawl between the teams, likely sparked by the fact that UCLA was currently losing by 35 points. The fight clears benches, sends hundreds onto the field and leads to two players being ejected.

Arizona eventually beats UCLA 48-12.

The first video focuses on the game and the brawl, and demurely avoids showing any flesh. Our interloper shows up about 13 seconds into the video, entering in the upper right, at the one o'clock position.

UCLA Bruins vs. Arizona Wildcats Game Fan Dressed As Referee Stops Game on ESPN

The next video seems to have been shot by the perpetrator's friends, who knew what Jace Lankow was going to do. Mute the sound if you don't want to hear a woman repeatedly saying "Oh my God" as if she can't believe this is happening, while a man whoops loudly because he knows... this is happening.

Many reports have called him a "streaker", but technically since he only strips down to skimpy white bikini underwear or a swimsuit, I'll call him a semi-streaker.

U of A vs. UCLA Semi-Streaker 2011

Officials have charged him with the felony of "criminal impersonation", although it's more likely he'll get a misdemeanor.

Why did he do it? He said he hoped to be a contestant on the TV show Wipeout and wanted a better answer to their application question "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?"

Brawl, fake ref highlight "fun" UCLA-Ariz. game, CBS News Sports>>

Are you lying when you say you're much less rich?

 To some, poverty is a costume
Is a tendency to being modest about how much money you have just as much a form of lying as pretending you are rich?

Philip G. Hamerton thought so.

Here’s an excerpt by the English writer and artist from his essay called On an Unrecognized Form of Untruth, written in the late 19th Century:
If a man states his income as being larger than it really is, if he adopts a degree of ostentation which (though he may be able to pay for it) conveys the idea of more ample means than he really possesses, and if we find out afterwards what his income actually is, we condemn him as an untruthful person, but lying by diminution with reference to money matters is looked upon simply as modesty.
I remember a most respectable English family who had this modesty in perfection. It was their great pleasure to represent themselves as being much less rich than they really were. Whenever they heard of anybody with moderate or even narrow means they pretended to think that he had quite an ample income… They considered that this was modesty, but was it not just as untruthful as the commoner vice of assuming a style more showy than the means warrant?
In France and Italy the departure from the truth is almost invariably in the direction of over-statement, unless the speaker has some distinct purpose to serve by adopting the opposite method, as when he desires to depreciate the importance of an enemy. In England people habitually under-state, and the remarkable thing is that they believe themselves to be strictly truthful in doing so. The word "lying" is too harsh a term to be applied either to the English or the continental habit in this matter, but it is quite fair to say that both of them miss the truth, one in falling short of it, the other in going beyond it.
- From a collection of essays called Human Intercourse, by Philip Gilbert Hamerton, at>>
- Found the hobo pic at A Hobo Wedding>>

Why dogs make lousy poker players

Always keep your tells in check - if you can.

Found on the internets but can't see a signature - does anyone know who the cartoonist is?

A vintage coffee substitute optical illusion

He's in a sad mood when 
he can't drink his coffee

 Now he's happy (and gotten a shave, too!) 
because he drinks Pečecká Kávovina

Since I don't speak Czeck, I used Google Translate to help, which created this amusing Coffee Haiku:
When he does not have a coffee,
which he tasty then the sad mood
And so cheerful face when kava
on the PC with the lemurs.
PCs, factory substitutes ant.
Kostelec stones
A bit helpful, and very amusing.

I found this old advertising card under Ephemera, at Cardmine>>

Actress sues Amazon for revealing the truth

She does not want to be too old or too young

An actress is suing Amazon, which owns the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) movie site, for revealing her real name and age. She wants one million dollars for exposing the truth.

The unknown actress, who's of Asian descent and is listed in her complaint as "Jane Doe", says that since her given legal name is hard for Americans to spell and pronounce, she used a fake Americanized name.

She also kept her real age hidden. Since she's approaching 40, she claims that if her real age were revealed it would hurt her chances of getting work:
In the entertainment industry, youth is king. If one is perceived to be“over-the-hill,” i.e., approaching 40, it is nearly impossible for an up-and-coming actress,such as the Plaintiff, to get work as she is thought to have less of an “upside,” therefore, casting directors, producers, directors, agents/managers, etc. do not give her the same opportunities, regardless of her appearance or talent.
She claims they obtained the truthful information when she used her credit card to sign up for the premium version of the site, and when she asked them to remove it, they refused.

She says it's Amazon's fault that she hasn't gotten any acting jobs, due to the "double-whammy effect" which says she's damned for telling the truth because she doesn't look 40:
Defendants’ actions have had a double-whammy effect on Plaintiff’s livelihood. First, because lesser-known forty-year-old actresses are not in demand in the entertainment business, Plaintiff has suffered a substantial decrease in acting credits, employment opportunities and earnings since Defendants’ addition of Plaintiff’s legal date of birth to the Internet Movie Database. Second, because Plaintiff looks so much younger than her actual age indicates, Plaintiff has experienced rejection in the industry for each “forty-year-old” role for which she has interviewed because she does not and cannot physically portray the role of a forty-year old woman.
The complaint, on Scribd>>
Actress Sues IMDb  For Revealing Her Age, Chicago Sun Times>>

"If anyone has any objections to this wedding..."

And her ex-boyfriend the wrestler shows up.

If you're a founder of the prank group Improv Everywhere and you're getting married, you're obliged to pull a prank for your wedding guests. (And don't worry - the bride was in on it.)

Pro Wrestler Interrupts Wedding

Till Smackdown Do Us Part: Improv Everywhere Couple Pranks Wedding Guests, Time Magazine>>