This devil’s been hiding for over 700 years

This devil's been hiding for over 700 years
Was he a prank by the artist?

A well-known piece of art has been keeping a secret. The face of a devil has been hiding among the clouds in the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy, in a fresco painted in the 13th century and attributed to the artist Giotto. It was discovered by an art restorer.

The image may look like a devil (you can see his dark-colored horns at the top) but Giotto may also have painted it to resemble someone he knew, which might make this one of the oldest, best-hidden pranks ever discovered.

This devil's been hiding for over 700 years
Here’s the complete fresco. 
Could you have found the devil?
(Click for a much larger image)

– Giotto devil: Devil Found in detail of Giotto fresco in Italy, The Christian Science Monitor>>
– Image of the complete fresco and more information on the frescoes from Ed Stephan>>

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