Prankster pisses off seeker of disguised weapons

Prankster pisses off seeker of disguised weapons
Vintage ad for a Remington gun cane

A guy writes outrageous responses to online ads at his site DontEvenReply, which is rightly subtitled "Emails from an asshole." In this top-rated post, he responds to an ad from a guy looking to buy disguised weapons:

Original ad:
**** Disguisable weapons wanted ****
Wanted: hidden blades, belt buckle knives, cane swords, etc…..
Offering: cash, items for barter

From Me to **********@***********.org:


I saw your ad looking for concealable/disguised weapons. I have several fine-crafted items you may be interested in. Respond if you are interested and I will send you pictures and prices.



From Jeff ****** to Me:

I am. lets see what you got.

From Me to Jeff ******:


Here you go:

Prankster pisses off seeker of disguised weapons

Looks like a normal spoon, right?

Prankster pisses off seeker of disguised weapons

Wrong. It is actually a deadly 2.5" half-smooth, half-serrated knife with tactical grip. One minute you are enjoying a bowl of cereal, and the next you are fighting off attackers with this deadly and disguised weapon.

I am asking $50 for the blade. Let me know if you want to stop by and take a look at it.


From Jeff ****** to Me:

that is stupid as hell and looks like crap. unless you have anything better to offer, dont waste my time.

It gets better… 

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