How to become a famous fake Twitter character

How to become a famous fake Twitter character
The real Norm McDonald pretends 
to be Burt Reynolds acting like 
Turd Ferguson on Saturday Night Live.

Secrets To A Successful Fake Twitter Character, from Fast Company magazine, explains how to twit fake and funny:

One of my indulgences, however, is reading well-crafted tweets from
satirical Tweeters who’ve taken on the persona of someone else. To do it
right is like being a method actor: You have to get inside the head of a
famous person but with a twist; the post has to be funny and
insightful. It isn’t easy and Twitter is littered with failures…

People have wondered if some of the fakes might actually be real celebrities hiding behind fake accounts. One of the more successful accounts is Not Burt Reynolds:

I’m a graphic designer, but I’ve
always leaned towards the creative–writing, playing guitar, photography
and design, a renaissance man with a short attention span. That’s all
I’ll tell you because I don’t want to hurt the character. Fake Steve
Jobs wasn’t nearly as funny once everyone knew who he was.

And there are more. Read here: Secrets To A Successful Fake Twitter Character>>

– Secrets To A Successful Fake Twitter Character, With a quarter of a million followers between them, the men and women
behind a few of the better faux accounts show us how to create and
maintain successful, character-driven Twitter feeds. Fast Company>>

– Found via a Boing Boing post>>

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